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Triad Marine's Globalstar satellite phones look and act like mobile or fixed phones with which you're familiar. The difference is that they can operate wirelessly almost anywhere, carrying your call over an exceptionally clear satellite signal using QUALCOMM's secure Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). Also, you can send/receive email or access the internet with the built-in modem when the phone is cabled to your computer or pda.

The Globalstar Portable Tri-Mode Satellite Phone offers
an ergonomic, sleek design that is comfortable to hold
and provides a wide range of user functionality.



The Globalstar Fixed Satellite Phones are perfect for the demands of remote residential or office applications, as well as providing the flexibility, capacity, and quality needed for future telecommunications growth.

Globalstar Phone Accessories provide the perfect enhancement to your portable satellite phone in the field, in the car, or on your boat.




Triad Marine offers a range of services via the satellite telephone, including voice, voicemail, short message service, and the fastest data capabilities in the industry (uncompressed 9.6 Kbps packet data speeds for email and internet service).